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In a time and place, long before there was such a thing as time and place, two brothers would start a dispute that would eventually grow to become a war between gods... with Earth as their battleground!


One creature, spawned from an angel's fury to protect Earth's Meadowlands, would rise to stand against them... a giant four hundred pound lagomorph with buck teeth, muscles of steel and a flaming battle axe. Riding atop a fiery whirlwind, Nuralagus Rex (aka Meadowlord) will seek to pulverize anyone who stands in his way!

That's right kiddies... unlike the funny animal comics of the past... this time, there will be blood... and fur!


There's A New Funny Animal In Town...
And He Ain't Laughing!

Stan Maksun - Author

Who Are We?

Stan graduated from the University of Montevallo with a degree in Illustration and English. Recently he completed Prime Cuts Vol.2 with actor John (Children of the Corn) Franklin and is currently working on his first illustrated novel The Dreaming Skin.

Frank Adam - Artist

Frank Adam graduated from the University of the West of England, Bristol in 2010 where he obtained his degree in Illustration. Since then he's done numerous comic related art projects. For Meadowlord, he took on multiple roles as pencil, inker and colorist!

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